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Does a vasectomy hurt?

Does a vasectomy hurt?

Most men have experienced an impact to their testicles at some point, and even the memory of such intense pain is often enough to bring a tear to the eye. For many men, this makes the whole idea of vasectomy off-putting to say the least.

So, how painful is a vasectomy? How long does the pain last? Can you drive yourself home after the operation?

The Dr Snip vasectomy

As trusted vasectomy experts, the Dr Snip team has a combined five decades of vasectomy experience and uses the pioneering microKeyhole™ technique.

The whole vasectomy procedure is simple and virtually pain free – taking just 5-15 minutes using local anaesthetic. Because we use the ‘no scalpel’ method, the vasectomy incision heals very quickly without the need for stitches. This method also reduces the chances of bleeding, bruising, infection and other complications.

So, does a vasectomy hurt?

We use a mixture of quick acting and long acting local anaesthetic to numb the vasa(tubes) so you won’t feel much during the actual procedure apart from maybe some ‘pressure‘ and movement. Some men report feeling a small scratch or sting for a few seconds when the anaesthetic is administered and then no further discomfort.

Pain after a vasectomy

The vasectomy itself will be virtually pain free, but there can be a little pain or swelling afterwards.

If pain occurs it usually starts from about 4 to 6 hours after the operation, when the local anaesthetic wears off, but sometimes it can start either earlier or few days or weeks after your vasectomy. Usually, it’s nothing to worry about and is due to your body’s natural inflammatory response trying to heal the area.

If significant pain or swelling occurs, try to rest and take ibuprofen, which is an anti-inflammatory. Add paracetamol if the ibuprofen alone is not helping. Serious side effects are extremely rare.

Increasing pain or swelling, redness or fever is not normal. If this occurs, we encourage you to contact us on 1300 377 647. Alternatively, see your local doctor or go to the emergency department.

Getting back to normal

Wearing supportive underwear that keeps your scrotum supported (not boxers) is one of the best things you can do after a vasectomy, along with getting a few days of rest. Avoid strenuous activity like weightlifting, jogging or manual labour for about a week.

You can drive home after the vasectomy and, for those who don’t have a particularly physical job, you can go back to work the next day.

In terms of sexual activity after a vasectomy, always listen to your body and be guided by your level of comfort. 2-3 days is the recommended timeframe to wait, but if you are experiencing pain, wait a few more days. 

Can a vasectomy cause complications?

Complications can occur with any surgical procedure. When you have a vasectomy, the complications can include some bruising and swelling. More rarely, sperm granuloma, infection, inflammation of the epididymis and testes, scrotal haematoma (blood clot), bleeding, cyst formation, development of anti-sperm antibodies, delayed wound healing and adverse reactions to the skin preparation, latex gloves, local anaesthetic and heat cautery.

What is PVPS?

Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome (PVPS) is a rare complication that can arise after having a vasectomy. It affects around 2% of men and can cause episodic or constant genital pain. In most cases, the pain will settle and become manageable overtime.

Still got questions?

At Dr Snip, our years of experience mean that we are true experts in everything vasectomy. We understand the usual worries and know that it’s a scary process for a lot of men (having protected their “junk” for a lifetime it may seem like jumping out of a plane for the first time). We’ve heard every vasectomy question there is to ask and if you have any questions, we’re happy to help. Please call 1300 377 647 or send us an online enquiry.

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