Dr Snip Vasectomy
Dr Snip Vasectomy

Frequently asked questions

How to prepare

Luckily, preparing for your vasectomy is quick and easy. At home on the morning of the procedure, please shave the underside of the penis and all of the front and sides of the scrotum to give clear access to the site. To make it easier you can trim first with hair clippers (always use a No.1 or 2 guard to prevent catching the skin). We suggest that you don’t use depilatory creams such as Veet and Nair as these can cause chemical burns. Waxing works well but can be painful.

Ring our office to confirm your attendance 48 hours before the procedure.

Tell us:

If you are taking any blood thinning medication (Iscover/Co-Plavix, Pradaxa, Xarelto, Eliquis, Brilinta or Warfarin) or have a bleeding disorder. Please let us know at time of booking and ask for more information and instructions.

Aspirin, ginkgo, olive leaf extract can continue to be taken.


  • There are no other special requirements
  • It is quite safe to drive to and from the surgery yourself
  • You can eat and drink before and after the procedure
  • Your partner is welcome to be present during the procedure if you wish
  • Wear supportive underwear (not boxers!)

During the vasectomy

The procedure is simple, seamless, virtually pain-free and over in
10-15 min – and patients can drive themselves home!

We apply local anaesthetic to the vasa using a fine needle, with no injections into the testes. We make a single opening 2-4mm in size which will close rapidly and heal without the need of stitches using our signature ‘no scalpel’ microKeyhole™ method.

If you have any questions, please contact our team directly to discuss your concerns with a consultation.

Vasectomy Definition:

Vasectomy is the name given to the operation which makes men infertile by producing a block to sperm movement from the testes and is the safest and most efficient form of permanent contraception currently available. Immature sperm are produced in both testes (testicles) and travel up in a tube called the vas deferens(plural=vasa) on each side to a sponge-like storage area near the seminal vesicle at the back of the bladder where they are stored and mature prior to release.

About the recovery

The recovery process post procedure is straightforward and seamless.

Important information

Pain Management

There is usually little post vasectomy pain but the amount does vary unpredictably ranging from none to significant pain and swelling in rare instances. Pain can start from 1 hour after the operation (when the local anaesthetic starts wears off) or even start a few days or weeks later. It is usually due to inflammation of the epididymis and not infection. If significant pain or swelling occurs try to rest and take ibuprofen (an anti-inflammatory) 200mg, 2 tablets 3-4 times a day after food on a regular basis. Add paracetamol 500mg, 2 tablets 3-4 times a day if the ibuprofen alone is not helping.

Increasing pain or swelling, redness or fever is not usual, and you should contact us on 1300 377 647 or see your local doctor or attend an emergency department.



Bruising of the skin on the scrotum is common, not a concern and will disappear with time.


In the rare case that the wound bleeds, ‘pinch’ over the wound with some gauze or a tissue for ten minutes, then let go very slowly.


Shower as normal but do not have a bath or go swimming for 2-3 days until the wound heals.

Wound Care/Support

It is advisable to continue to wear supportive underwear for 2-3 days (place a piece of gauze or tissue over the wound until healed).

Activity and sex

Take it easy for 2-3 days, after which your level of activity including sex should be guided by your degree of comfort. Strenuous activities (running, bike riding, prolonged walking, climbing and repetitive lifting) should be avoided for the first week if possible. Excess activity may cause increased pain but will not cause any permanent ‘damage’.


You are not sterile yet! Sterility takes approximately 8-12 weeks after a vasectomy to occur. At the 12-week mark, most patients are ‘all-clear’, and no repeat tests are needed. Your operation cannot be considered successful until you have confirmed with us that you are all clear. 

Instructions for Collecting a Semen Sample for the 12-week test 

You will be given a pathology request slip, instruction sheet, specimen sheet and a bag at your first visit. At 12 weeks, you will get a semen sample following the directions provided. Screw the cap onto the jar firmly and label the jar with your name, time of collection and date. Drop the specimen off at a collection point listed on the referral and the test is normally bulk billed. You may take your sample to another pathology provider but please be aware that there may be out of pocket costs. 

Please call us on 1300 377 647 three days later for the result. We will either confirm that you are ‘all clear’ or arrange a repeat test. 

Frequently asked questions

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