Dr Snip Vasectomy
Dr Snip Vasectomy

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Join over 50,000 Australian men
who have had the snip at Dr Snip.

Join over 50,000 Australian men who have had the snip at Dr Snip.

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If you are searching for a simple and seamless vasectomy clinic in South Australia, discover our state-of-the-art Dr Snip Glynde clinic.


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The Dr Snip team are Australia’s leading vasectomy specialists and are pioneers of the ‘no scalpel’ vasectomy. The Dr Snip team works closely with world-leading vasectomy specialists to bring you the latest minimally invasive techniques, making your vasectomy virtually pain-free, simple and safe at an affordable price.

The father-daughter Dr Snip team have a combined 50 years of vasectomy experience and have completed over 50,000 vasectomies. They work with world-leaders in vasectomy to bring their clientele the most innovative and least invasive microKeyhole surgery available.

Our innovative techniques are practiced Australia wide at our multiple Dr Snip locations across the country, including South Australia.

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You’re in safe hands with Australia’s leading vasectomy team -South Australia

The Dr Snip team, specializing in vasectomies in South Australia, have a combined 50 years of experience in the field. They closely collaborate with world-leading experts in vasectomy procedures to offer the most innovative, pain-free, and least invasive options available. The father-daughter duo have successfully completed over 50,000 vasectomies throughout their careers, establishing themselves as the most trusted vasectomy specialists in South Australia.

Don’t leave your family jewels in the hands of amateurs. Trust South Australia’s leading vasectomy team at Dr Snip. Our reception staff and nurses are highly trained, exceptionally friendly, and ready to address any questions you may have when scheduling your vasectomy.

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The procedure is simple, seamless, and virtually pain free, taking only 10-15 minutes. The anaesthetic is applied to the vasa using a fine needle with no injections into the testes or penis. A single, small opening only 2-4mm in size is then made in the centre of the scrotum below the penis without a scalpel. It will close rapidly and heal without needing stitches. It is a unique feature of Dr Snip ‘no scalpel’ microKeyhole surgery.

The vasa are located and are gently drawn through the same opening one at a time. The vas is divided. The centre of the top end of each vas having been sealed (mucosal cautery) and covered with tissue (fascial interposition) using either a tiny clip or a dissolving thread to further prevent them from re-joining. The bottom end of each vas is left open (the open-ended technique) to minimise post-operative pain.

Using this method, there is much less chance of complications and the patient feels more comfortable in stark contrast to the traditional method which is often performed under general anaesthetic, involving cutting through the skin and underlying tissue and blood vessels on each side and requiring sutures.

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