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The Dr Snip team have a combined 50 years of vasectomy experience and work closely with world-leaders in vasectomy to bring their clientele the most innovative, pain-free and least invasive vasectomy available. Their innovative single microKeyhole™ technique is used in all Dr Snip locations across the country. The father-daughter duo have completed over 50,000 vasectomies in their careers and are Australia’s most trusted vasectomy specialists.

Pioneered the ‘no scalpel’ vasectomy method under local anaesthetic in Australia which results in faster recovery times.

What is a vasectomy?

Vasectomy is the name given to the operation which makes men infertile by producing a block to sperm movement from the testes and is the most efficient form of contraception currently available. Sperm are produced in both testes (testicles) and are then carried by a tube called the vas (plural=vasa) deferens on each side to a sponge like area of vas near the seminal vesicle at the back of the bladder where they are stored.

Most of the fluid ejaculated (approximately 98% of the semen) is actually produced by the prostate gland, the seminal vesicles and Cowper’s gland. This means that when you ejaculate after a vasectomy the semen is gradually depleted of sperm so that eventually it will be free of sperm although the volume of the ejaculate is not noticeably changed. The production of the male hormone testosterone by the testes is completely unaffected as it all continues to go directly into the blood stream, so sex drive and libido are unaltered.

What happens during a vasectomy?

The procedure is simple, seamless, and virtually pain free, taking only 10-15 minutes. The anaesthetic is applied to the vasa using a fine needle. There are NO injections into the testes or penis. A single, small opening only 2-4mm in size is then made in the centre of the scrotum below the penis using the unique Dr Snip ‘no scalpel’ microKeyhole™ surgical technique. It will close rapidly and heal without needing stitches.

The vasa are located and are gently drawn through the same opening one at a time. The vas is divided. The inside of the top end of each vas is sealed (mucosal cautery) and then covered with tissue (fascial interposition) using either a tiny clip or a dissolving thread to further prevent them from re-joining. The bottom end of each vas is left open (the open-ended technique) to minimise post-operative pain.

Using this method, there are less complications and a faster recovery time compared to the traditional method, which is often performed under general anaesthetic, and involves cutting through the skin, underlying tissue and blood vessels on each side and requiring sutures.

Meet our Doctors

Dr Sarah Demediuk

Dr Sarah Demediuk graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery degree.  She then completed her training at the Royal Melbourne Hospital before becoming a specialist GP.  

Sarah was trained by Australia’s most experienced vasectomist and has also trained and worked alongside international leaders in vasectomy.

As one of Australia’s leading female vasectomists she offers a gentle, safe and effective procedure using the latest minimally-invasive techniques.

Dr Nick Demediuk

Dr Nick is Australia’s most experienced vasectomist. Over 34 years he has performed more than 50,000 no scalpel vasectomies and does more vasectomies than any other doctor in Australia. He works closely with world-leading vasectomists from around the world to bring you the latest minimally invasive techniques making your vasectomy virtually pain-free, simple and safe.

Dr Demediuk only uses the ‘open-ended’ technique, eliminating the pain caused by backpressure of the traditional method. Ten minutes later you are up and away and safe to drive yourself home, many returning to non-physical work that day and without needing pain medication. Easier than a trip to the dentist!

Dr Lucy Demediuk

Dr Lucy Demediuk began her studies in Science at the University of Melbourne before undertaking her medical degree at the University of Notre Dame. Dr Lucy went on to complete her clinical training at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Her qualifications include MBBS, B.Sc, MPH and Fellow NSVA.

Dr Lucy is a strong advocate for healthcare access, equality and education. This has led Dr Lucy to undertake additional training in public healthcare. Dr Lucy has been trained by some of Australia’s most experienced vasectomist and has also worked alongside international leaders in vasectomy.


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