Key Facts about Dr Nicholas Demediuk

  • Pioneered the routine use of no scalpel vasectomy in Australia under local anaesthetic and without sedation.
  • In 2016, performed 10.5% of Australia’s vasectomies.
  • Works with NSV performing probono vasectomies in the Philippines.
  • Has over 30 years experience.
  • On the medical board of ‘World Vasectomy Day’.

Dr Nicholas Demediuk has been performing vasectomies for over 34 years using the latest minimally invasive techniques possible to make your vasectomy painless, simple and safe and way better than a trip to the dentist. All of our reception staff and nurses are friendly and well trained.

The procedure is very simple and takes about 10-15 minutes. The anaesthetic is applied to the vasa using a fine needle. There are never any injections into the testes.  Only a single micro-keyhole is made in the scrotum without using a scalpel which quickly heals eliminating traditional two incisions and stiches to close the wounds. Dr Demediuk only uses the ‘open-ended’ technique, eliminating the pain caused by back pressure of the traditional method. Fifteen minutes later you are up and away and safe to drive yourself home, many returning to work the next day and without needing pain medication.

Partners are always welcome to attend. Usually a pre-vasectomy consultation and the procedure itself are performed at the same visit. However you are welcome to come for a pre-vasectomy consultation at no cost to ‘check out’ our practice and find out more about the procedure.

The combination of experience, excellent support staff, the “no sting” local anaesthetic and the micro-keyhole, no-scalpel, open-ended technique all contribute to making a trip to see ‘Dr Snip’ a worthwhile decision.

Dr Demediuk also performs neo-natal circumcisions for babies under the age of 6 weeks using a local anaesthetic block and sucrose solution orally to ensure their comfort. He uses the ‘Gomco Clamp’ method which is arguably the safest method available and similar to the ‘Plastibell’ procedure.

Dr Demediuk commenced practice in Keysborough, Victoria in 1980 and opened an additional practice in Bokarina, Queensland in 2008. Initially he combined general practice and delivering babies in an obstetric practice before restricting his practice to vasectomy and neonatal circumcision. Along the way he combined the best of all currently available techniques to develop his unique vasectomy procedure. He has been at the forefront of many aspects of primary care including infection prevention and control and instrument sterilisation and has represented the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners on many national bodies and written and presented extensively on these topics.

Referrals are not required from your general practitioner for vasectomies or neonatal circumcision.