Dr Snip 6 Vasectomy Myths Busted

6 Vasectomy Myths – Busted

We’re only human – we can’t help but be privy and enjoy listening to a little bit of drama. Who would care about the story of one man’s 5 minute no-thrills vasectomy they had on their way home from work? But all that juicy drama can sometimes lead you to believe things about vasectomies that are not the littlest bit true. 

As Australia’s leading experts on vasectomies, we know a thing or two about the facts of what pleasures a vasectomy can provide you. That’s why we’re quashing 6 of the biggest vasectomy myths to put your mind at ease. 

1. Your libido will be impacted

No, your libido won’t drastically drop or change due to a vasectomy. But if we are honest, something the snip does do is give you freedom in the bedroom… and shower…and living room or kitchen [Hey, we don’t judge!]! With no more worries about contraception, many men take advantage of this fact and report an increase in libido. 

Say hello to freedom, spontaneity, excitement, and enjoy the new you, without a care in the world. In all seriousness, a vasectomy should not impact your sex drive or sexual function. This is a myth, that we hope we’ve put to bed.  

2. A vasectomy is painful

Most men know what it’s like when their testicles receive an intense impact. Unfortunately, they know that eye watering, nauseating discomfort all too well. So we get it, it’s completely understandable that men worry about the pain that getting a vasectomy may bring. But we at Dr Snip can assure you that our no scalpel method has been designed to be virtually pain-free. So, take all those painful images out of your mind because none of them relate to the snip!

Overall, the procedure only takes 5-15 minutes to perform and before you know it, you’ll be in your car and on your way home. Dr Snip’s team uses their innovative single microKeyhole™ method. This means: no general anaesthetic, no scalpel, and no stitches – leaving you perfectly capable of driving yourself home. There may be some mild discomfort felt, but pain management is straightforward and seamless. 

3. My semen will look funny

You may have heard the rumour that semen “looks funny” after a vasectomy but this is definitely just a myth. In general, your ejaculatory fluid will look the same post vasectomy. Think about it this way: orange juice is still orange juice, with or without pulp [or extra pulp if you’re feeling fancy]. Dr Snip just takes the pulp, so essentially it’s just pulp free, but it’s still good ol’ OJ. The sperm only makes up around 3% of your semen, and that’s the only percentage we are after. The fluid remains the same.  

4. Your hormones will be impacted

We will yell it from the rooftops if we have to… a vasectomy won’t impact your hormones! We’ve all heard the rumours and we understand why men worry about their testosterone being disrupted, but simply put – the snip doesn’t interfere with hormone production, and we are here to dispel this myth. 

A Dr Snip vasectomy involves blocking the path that the sperm travels through to get to the outside world. This does not impact your testicles or hormone production. So you will walk out the same way you walked in, plus that little bit of extra freedom. 

5. Vasectomies will increase the risk of prostate cancer

This rumour is just that. There is absolutely no evidence and no study that proves any link between vasectomies and prostate cancer. Rest easy, your crown jewels are safe in our hands. 

6. You don’t need to use condoms and other contraception methods.

Something all men undergoing the snip need to know is the contraceptive benefits do not kick in immediately. After your vasectomy and potentially for the few weeks following, there is still a chance of pregnancy! For some, it can take up to 8-12 weeks to ensure sperm is no longer alive. We ask for all patients to collect a semen sample after their 12-weeks to ensure they’re sterile. For this period of time, a condom or another form of contraception should be used. 

Unfortunately, even though a vasectomy is one of the best forms of contraception, it does not protect you against STIs – barrier methods should be used when necessary to ensure safe sex. 

So we’ve done it, we busted six of the biggest vasectomy-related myths. Still needing some more reassurance? Come into your closest Dr Snip clinic and talk to us today. Vasectomies are safe, reliable and the best form of contraception. So when are you booking in?

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