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Does a vasectomy affect sexual function?

They’re valuable. The family jewels we mean. They’re valuable to you. And your partner, of course. So having someone tinkering around down there, way too close for comfort, in the name of science and in the hopes of reducing your private school fees, can be a difficult pill to swallow. It’s worse when friends raise that musing: if getting the snip will ruin your sexual function or drive.

Your mates could also be quick to wonder if the pain experienced in the aftermath of surgery will put you off sex altogether. Or whether the experience could leave a lasting mark on your feelings of tenderness toward your treasured plums, changing your attitude to one of indifference. There’s also that confronting moment they’ll remind you of, where you need to clean up the downstairs region prior to the procedure. Will you choose to shave, wax or hair removal cream it? Can you pay someone to do that?

What the boys don’t know though is that physically, a vasectomy has no negative impact on your sex drive or performance, simply because the procedure does not affect your testosterone or semen production (apart from the sperm component).

In fact, the Central European Journal of Urology found that men, after getting the snip, experienced better erections and orgasms, with generally higher sex drives. You read that right. Out of the 294 couples the German research company interviewed, 12.4% reported having sex more often after the vasectomy.

Plus, those men interviewed who undertook a vasectomy reported better erectile function, better orgasms, more sexual desire and overall more sexual satisfaction. Add that to the peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to worry about higher rates of conception failure with things like the pill, and you have yourself one pleasantly positive outlook.

Recognised as one of Australia’s leading vasectomy doctors, Dr. Sarah Demediuk noted a similar misconception amongst her patients.

“The most common misconception around vasectomy is that it will affect libido or sexual function,” confirmed Dr. Demediuk.

“The male hormone responsible for this is testosterone which is made in the testicles.  A vasectomy is simply snipping the pipe that the sperm travel through to get to the outside of the body – it does not involve the testicles.  Hormone levels remain unchanged and sexual function is preserved.

“In fact, a lot of men report an increase in libido due to a sense of freedom from worrying about unwanted pregnancy.”

Penn Medicine released a study that showed 0.1% of 1,000 women will get pregnant within a year of their partner’s vasectomy, making the procedure the most effective method of birth control (after abstinence).

Even Men’s Health found evidence that men who follow through with the snip will “get laid an average of 5.9 times per month, compared to 4.9 times for intact guys, according to the survey of nearly 6,000 men”.

The team here at Dr Snip have been performing vasectomies for over 34 years, having pioneered the routine use of no scalpel vasectomies right here in Australia, under local anaesthetic. Come the end of 2016, Dr Snip accounted for 10.5% of Australia’s vasectomies. So it’s safe to say, we know how to take care of you and your prized jewels.

Getting the snip at our clinic will take up about 10-15 minutes of your times, and because we use a local anaesthetic, you are up and away and safe to drive yourself home. And those mates of yours who claim to have needed weeks off to recover? Our routine no scalpel, “no sting” procedure has seen many of our patients return to work the next day, without pain relief.

Reflecting on this additional nerve experienced by many men who approach the bench, Dr. Demediuk highlighted that, “Many men are afraid it will be painful and have often heard ‘horror’ stories from their fathers or other men who would have had a traditional vasectomy under general anaesthetic. A traditional vasectomy can have higher complication rates and much longer recovery and men think this will happen to them.

“At Dr Snip, we use the latest minimally invasive micro-Keyhole technique to ensure we minimise discomfort and complications.

“In fact, I perform a lot of vasectomies on men who go straight back to work the same day.”

So let’s lay that out.

  • Your family jewels may need to be shaved prior to the procedure, but that will grow back and it’ll grow back quickly.
  • The procedure itself takes 15 minutes, tops.
  • There are no scalpels in sight. Instead, Dr Snip makes a single micro-keyhole into the scrotum, which heals quickly. That means fast recovery and no stitches.
  • It’s under a local anaesthetic which means you can drive home safely afterward.
  • Your sex drive isn’t affected, in fact some would argue that it’s enhanced.
  • You get the peace of mind knowing that you don’t need to incur any more private school fee bills afterward.

Seems pretty straightforward doesn’t it?

Of course, this is a decision that requires plenty of forethought. Chat with the boys and your partner, book in an appointment with your general practitioner or speak with Dr Snip today on 1300 377 647.

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