Dr Snip Is a Vasectomy Right For Me

Is a Vasectomy Right For Me?

You’ve probably found your way to this blog for one of two reasons. You know you don’t want kids or you’ve simply had enough of them. So now, you’re questioning if a vasectomy is the next step for you and if you’re ready to truly say goodbye to your little swimmers. 

At Dr Snip, we believe a vasectomy is something that should be researched and considered thoroughly before making your decision. You are the one that should decide if a vasectomy is right for you and your lifestyle, but we are here to help you along the vasectomy journey. 

Here are a few things to consider when deciding if a vasectomy is right for you… 

Your lifestyle

Whether or not you are ready for a vasectomy will come down to numerous factors concerning your lifestyle. This decision should not be made lightly, so spend some time, talking and thinking this over with your significant other!

Here are two things you should be certain of if you’re planning on a vasectomy:

  1. You have absolutely no desire to have children – ever. (For any reason: eg; personal, environmental, or health.)
  2. You (and your partner – if applicable) are sure you both don’t want any more children.

Remember when making this decision, a thorough discussion with your partner is encouraged. Of course, this is your body and at the end of the day, you have full bodily autonomy. 

Your Age

Dr Snip believes there is no right or wrong age for a vasectomy. Everybody is different, so everyone will require tailored advice. 

Something to note is in Australia, the minimum age to get a vasectomy is 18. Traditionally, doctors are more hesitant to perform vasectomies on younger men, as some research suggests that vasectomy reversal procedures are more commonly requested in younger vasectomy patients. This reflects a sense of regret as the ramifications of the vasectomy procedure were not fully appreciated. 

In saying that, there can be many mature young men who have researched the topic and know a vasectomy is right for them. So in this case, a vasectomy would be a great option as a form of permanent contraception.  

On the flip side of this coin, there is no maximum age that would hinder a vasectomy. However, as we age the chance of conception becomes rarer. This is not to say you shouldn’t consider a vasectomy if you’re in the older age group, we simply suggest speaking to the experts to decide if it’s necessary.

If you are considering a vasectomy, we highly recommend speaking with us today to ensure you make the right decision for your future. 

Can a vasectomy be reversed? 

Yes, technically a vasectomy can be reversed. 

Within the first 3 years, it has a success rate of 90%. This means 90% of all the vasectomy reversals performed within 3 years from the initial procedure, will result in you being fertile once again.

However, Dr Snip believes vasectomies should be treated as permanent contraception, not used as a temporary option! 

The reversal procedure can be invasive, costly and over time the success rate of reversals drops drastically. Even if successful a vasectomy reversal can also result in a lower sperm count. This would be checked by your doctor through a simple semen sample, post-procedure.  

Since there is a chance the reversal will not be successful, Dr Snip likes to ensure vasectomy patients have a complete understanding of their decision and the future repercussions. 

Still unsure? Talk to the experts!

You don’t need to make this decision alone, we want to help you decide what’s right for you. Book a consultation or get in contact with us today! 

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