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What happens to sperm after a vasectomy?

So, you’re ready to stop the little swimmers from swimming too far out. They’ve had their fun and you [and your partner] are now ready to have yours.

However, you may have heard alarming misconceptions concerning what happens to your sperm after a vasectomy. As pioneers in the field with a combined 50 years of experience and over 40,000 vasectomies performed, the team at Dr Snip are here to help you make an informed decision and come to your appointment feeling relaxed and confident.

Where does my sperm go after I have a vasectomy?

Here at Dr Snip, we perform ‘open-ended’ vasectomies on our patients. This method puts the patient’s comfort and health first. It involves the snipped tube (the vas deferens) being left unsealed, meaning that the direction of the sperm no longer travels from the testes to the penis and instead is redirected to the scrotum.

Just like an ear piercing, over time, the unsealed open end will gradually seal itself and the active production of sperm will come to a halt.

Does having a vasectomy affect my sex drive and performance?

We know how important it is to you [and your partner] that you keep those precious family jewels protected. You want to still be able to enjoy sexual activities after getting the snip, but you may have heard scary stories about how getting it negatively affects your sex drive and performance.

That could not be more wrong.

Forget about all those misconceptions, because we’re here to tell you that getting a vasectomy has no negative impact on your sex drive or performance. It’s even been scientifically proven that men who got vasectomies reported an even higher libido and overall sexual satisfaction due to the absence of stress of an unwanted pregnancy.

You might be jumping at the chance to get frisky with your partner soon after the procedure, but we recommend that you do not immediately engage in strenuous physical activity (like sex). Rest and take it easy for the next 2-7 days or until you feel physically able. Keep in mind that if you do engage in strenuous activities, it does not cause permanent ‘damage’ but you may feel increased pain or discomfort for a temporary period.

Do I still produce sperm after I have a vasectomy?

Even after you get the snip, your testes will still produce sperm but the direction of the sperm will be absorbed by your body (specifically the ​​vas deferens, epididymis and rete testis) and no longer be ejaculated along with semen.

Some men may report that they sense a decrease in ejaculation fluid after getting a vasectomy, however, as the sperm’s primary purpose is to reproduce and it is only one component of semen, it will not negatively affect your sex drive or performance.

How soon after a vasectomy until I become sterile?

You may be able to engage in sexual activities soon after your vasectomy appointment, but hold there mister, because you won’t be entirely sterile yet. It typically takes 8-12 weeks for sperm to gradually decrease and then be completely absent from the fluids you ejalucate. We ask you to collect a semen sample at the 12-week mark to ensure that the procedure was a success.

If you’re looking to have sex before the 12 weeks is up, please wear a condom every time to avoid potential pregnancy. Read more about how getting a vasectomy affects your sperm sterility by heading to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Want to know more?

Here at Dr Snip, we are the pioneers of the innovative no-scapel vasectomy. That means that our experienced and trustworthy team are committed to giving you the utmost comfort and pain-free experience for when you’re ready to get the snip.

If you’ve still got questions about vasectomies and how getting one may affect your sperm, we are always happy to quell any fears and myths and help you make an informed decision. Start out by filling out this quick and easy contact form today or calling us on 1300 DR SNIP (1300 377 647).


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