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Get to know Nick: the Dr behind Dr Snip

Introducing the doctor behind Dr Snip! Dr Nick Demediuk is the face, founder and brains behind the iconic Aussie Vasectomy clinic – Dr Snip. First and foremost, Dr Nick is an advocate and ally to all people seeking bodily autonomy and control over their reproductive health. 

Dr Nick has been an advocate for the right to basic health care and reproductive health since his earliest days in medicine. Get to know Dr Nick and his journey in creating the iconic Dr Snip, a vasectomy clinic that offers reproductive health services. 


How did Dr Nick get started? 

Dr Nick Demediuk originally began his medical career in obstetrics then moved into general medicine by 1980. In the early 80s, Dr Nick became interested in men’s health and the vasectomy procedure. This led him down a path of international research, where he noticed his American colleagues were performing vasectomies with local anesthetic rather than general anesthetic, which was being used throughout Australia. 

With access to public hospitals, Dr Nick started performing vasectomies full-time. Here he integrated newer and less invasive techniques which then led to him pioneering the “no-scalp vasectomy”.


What does Dr Nick do?

Dr Nick is a highly specialized doctor that performs the procedure full-time in his Dr Snip clinics across Australia. As Dr Nick originally studied obstetrics and general medicine, he is also able to perform IUD and implant contraceptive procedures for females. As well as prescribing contraception and other related health services. 

Nick is a member of World Vasectomy Day, Chairman of No-Scalpel Vasectomy Australia and he is a presenter and teacher for international vasectomy webinars and conferences.  


Is Dr Nick affiliated with any outreach work?

Dr Nick is an advocate for everyone’s right to health care. Every year Nick, his daughter Sarah and niece Lucy, travel to the Philippines to help educate and perform pro-bono vasectomies to anyone in need. This work is crucial in assisting those who have little to no access to health care but still want or need control over their reproductive health. 


What about Dr Snip?

Dr Snip ensures their services are affordable to the wider community. They are passionate about all health services being truly accessible to everyone. 


When was Dr Snip created?

In 2007, Dr Snip was born. Dr Nick had been performing vasectomies full time and perfected his non-invasive, no-scalp method. Dr Snip then grew and in 2013 he supervised Doctor Doug Stein, a world-leading urologist/vasectomy at the launch of the first World Vasectomy Day event. 


What makes Dr Snip different?

Dr Snip is predominantly a vasectomy clinic that also offers other complimentary reproductive health services to female patients. This is because Dr Snip wants to ensure affordable and easily accessible health care to everyone they can. 

Dr Snip not only pioneered the no-scalp vasectomy, but they are now made up of a team of doctors that perform vasectomies full time. This allows them the skill and speciliazation to understand that every body is different and how to treat each patient accordingly. 

Dr Nick and his team have a holistic approach to vasectomies. As each patient is different, so is their treatment and care. 


What services does Dr Snip provide?

Dr Snip is known for vasectomies. They are a vasectomy clinic and this is the bulk of their work. However as stated earlier, Dr Snip offers other complimentary services that all advocate for your right to choose. Dr Snip can provide female birth control and the abortion pill for anyone who needs it. There is no judgment at Dr Snip, only health services with a friendly face and probably some side jokes.  


Who can have the Snip?

From 18-85, anyone who wants the snip and has thought it through thoroughly. Dr Nick wants everyone who comes in for the Snip to fully understand the gravity of the decision. This procedure should be thought of as permanent

However, Dr Snip doesn’t judge. If you would like to discuss your options and are considering a vasectomy this is something that can be discussed further with your health care professional at Dr Snip. 

Dr Nick, his daughter Sarah, niece Lucy, and extended team are advocates for your health and right to choose. If you’re considering a vasectomy or another reproductive service please contact us today. 

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